Allah Will Protect Me


Once Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was taking rest under a tree when he was returning from an expedition and hung his sword from the tree. A Non-Muslim person came quietly, took hold of the sword and, addressing the Prophet said to him: "O Muhammad! now who will save you from my hand?" The Prophet heard it, rose up from his seat and said: "Allah will save me." Hearing the name of Allah, he was overawed and the sword slipped from his hand. The Prophet rose up from his place, took the sword into his hand and questioned him: "Now who will save you from my hand?"

He felt sorry and begged apology. The Prophet forgave him. He was so impressed by this kindness that he embraced Islam. He then went to his tribesmen and expressed that he never found a man better than Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Source: "The Miracles of the Prophet" by Shaikh Ahmed S. Dehalvi; also related in Bukhari and other sources with slight variations.

Related to the protection of the Prophet Muhammad, Allah has mentioned in the Quran "O Apostle! proclaim the message which has been sent to you from your Lord. If you do not do it, you would not have fulfilled and proclaimed this mission. And Allah will defend you against men who mean mischief. For Allah guides not those who reject faith." (Al Quran 5:67).

Taraweeh Changed His Life


The following story is about how Taraweeh salah changed the life of a person during the month of Ramadan.

About 20 years ago, brother Khawaja used to live with his family in an apartment building in Toronto, Canada. During the month of Ramadan, the local Muslims would get together and arrange a small room in that building to offer Taraweeh prayers. Brother Khawaja states, "I wasn't that particular about offering prayers so I didn't show much interest in going to Taraweeh which was Sunnah and not even Fardh."

His wife would constantly tell him to go but that didn't change his mind. However, she would prepare her two small sons and send them to the prayer. One day, his sons returned back from Taraweeh with tears in their eyes. Brother Khawaja became concerned and asked why they were crying. They replied, "Everyone's father goes to Taraweeh but our father doesn't go." This really touched his heart and he promised his sons that he will go with them to Taraweeh the next day. It so happened that there was a speech on that day after listening to which Brother Khawaja decided to change his life. Since then, he has been actively participating in many Islamic activities and have built and supported various Masjids.